Heavy Duty Screw Feeder

Product Brand: Vibra Screw

Ruggedly constructed to operate 24 hours a day, Vibra Screw’s line of volumetric Heavy Duty Screw Feeders will meter even the most difficult materials in an extremely reliable manner.

A patented controlled vibration principle ensures exceptional accuracy of ± 1%, minute-to-minute. A wide variety of products, from long fibers to micron-sized particles, and materials with bulk densities ranging from 2 to 200 lb/cu/ft can be successfully handled with precision.

Heavy Duty Screw Feeders are extremely versatile. One unit can precisely meter many different materials with little or no adjustment. When necessary, adjustments can be made quickly and easily. Screws and tubes can also be changed on some models for a wider range of feed rates. All feeders are fabricated of high strength steel and contain only a few moving components. They are built to operate continuously with only a minimum of maintenance.


Capacity: 0.6 up to 265 m3/hr
Accuracy: +/- 1%
Screw Diameter: 50mm up to 400mm


Feed bulk material from storage or silo into the next process as specify by volume. Move bulk material horizontally from point A to point B

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