Compact Filter Module

Product Brand: DCL

The Compact Filter Module is ideal for use inline at any bulk material transfer point requiring dust control. It’s low profile configuration also makes the CFM the best choice for inline filteration when intergraded with a DCL Loading Spout. The flow tube can be eliminated making this unit suitable as a bin vent for any tight headroom conditions.

When used as an inline filter, product flows through a central flow tube while isolated from the upward dust entrained airflow. The collected dust is deposited back to the material being handled making the Compact Filter Module an ideal cost effective package especially when compared to a free standing dust collector utilizing duct work, discharge air lock, and often a means to convey the dust back to the system.


Sizes up to 660 sq. ft. of filter media with up to 5,000 CFM air withdrawal


Filters dust from a loading spout and discharges particles back into material flow