Batch Loss-in-Weight

Product Brand: Vibra Screw

A Batch Weighing System is similar in design to a continuous Loss-In-Weight Feeder. Batch applications do not, however, require that material be continuously fed with high-feed accuracy. They do require that the desired weight of material at the end of the feed cycle is accurate. Control of batch size and feed time is provided through a unique control package that eliminates the effects of plant noise. Batch accuracy of 1/4 to 1/2% or better can be achieved.

Controlled discharge from storage and non-pulsating feeding of materials are critical for a successful batching system. Vibra Screw’s wide range of controlled vibration feeders and material flow aid devices permits superior accuracy in both loss in weight and gain in weight batching over a wide range of capacities.

Proper batch weighing demands a full understanding of the physical properties of materials and their characteristics in motion. Too often, suppliers are skilled only in the electronics aspect of the system and neglect the material handling consideration or leave it to others. Vibra Screw is unique in the industry, combining its own mechanical and electrical designs.


Volume: 0.05 m3 up to 4.25 m3
Accuracy: +/-0.25% – +/-0.5%


Feed bulk material from storage or silo into the next process as specify by weight.