Bart Line

Product Brand: Air-Tec

Bart transporter is able to transport powders and granules inside of a pipeline. It is suitable for trajectories up to 15 meters (50 feet), with a flow rates of 1 m3/h and a pressure capacity up to 2 bar. The whole system is completely closed thus allows for hygienic system design.

Bart uses the dense phase pneumatic conveying technology. The low velocity conveyance system preserves the quality of the product but also the condition of the pipeline. The system uses a reduced quantity of air with a resulting energy saving.

Bart transporters are particularly suitable for humid places, and the food, chemical or pharmaceutical industries.

Bart line differentiates for application flexibility and reduced price.


Conveying Distance: up to 20 meters (55 feet)
Capacity: 1 ton/h
Pressure Capacity: up to 2 bar
Volume: 24 Litre
Also available for high temperatures up to 200° C.


Conveying bulk material in dense-phase.

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